Sophie Somers is a lens-based artist and aspiring curator, currently working in the North East of England. Studying Photography, Video and Digital Imaging at Sunderland University. Her work explores the constraints of man’s relationship with nature, inhabited spaces, and the traces we leave behind. Visuals are often used to unpick personal fears of the inside outside, observer observed, artificial femininity, home, and loss of familiarity. She has specific interest in developing projects that focus on accessibility within arts. She makes herself aware of the environmental impact when making art and strongly believes that art has the ability to shape the way we treat our planet. Projects vary in subject matter but are all interlinked within her interest of social issues.
Born in Western Super-Mare into an RAF family, Somers moved a lot in childhood, living in Cyrus for a time and moving back to the UK at the age of 7. Her family became her constant as her environments changed forming questions relating to self and space, home and belonging have consequently always been present within her practice. 
Within her creative practice Somers has key interests in Curating and publishing; strongly believing that art should be accessible to all. Wanting to create more opportunities for early career and emerging artists, within but not exclusive to the North East, Somers co-founded Somers House Publishing. Creating quarterly artist zines with themes for artists to respond to. Somers House Publishing hope to produce artist books in the near future. 
Curating accessible experiences became of key interest during the writing of her dissertation ‘How do Galleries and Museums accommodate Visually Impaired visitors?’ Researching curators’ accessible adaptations and the exhibition ‘Sight Unseen’ made for and by visually impaired people. From this research she began working with the Sunderland Spinners, a visually impaired bowling team, documenting their practices and competitions. Until the UK went into lockdown, the project quickly shifted to discussing the impact of losing their club, through phone call interviews and conceptual imagery responding to their words 4 videos were produced. 
As a Young Curator at the Bowes Museum, Somers co-curated the exhibition ‘Working from Home with Bouts’ and created a multi-sensory pack for visually impaired young people to experience the painting ‘St Luke drawing the Virgin and Child made in the workshop of Dieric Bouts the Elder.’ from home. Writing, recording, and editing an audio description to accompany objects inspired from the painting, including velvet with gold embroidery commissioned by a local artist. Her role has been extended and developing a new exhibition is underway. From February 2020 Somers began working for the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art as a Curating Intern, most recently proof reading artists books, expanding her insights of the publishing industry. 
Curating accessible and sustainable art experiences is at the forefront of her practice within creating, curating and publishing art. 

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