My is name Sophie Somers and I am a North East lens-based artist and aspiring curator. My work explores the constraints of man’s relationship with nature, of inhabited spaces and the traces we leave behind. Visuals are used to unpick personal fears: of the inside outside, observer observed, artificial femininity, home and loss of familiarity. I have a specific interest in developing and curating projects that focus on accessibility within art. I make myself aware of the environmental impact when creating art and strongly believe that art has the ability to shape the way we treat our planet. My projects vary in subject matter but are all interlinked within my interest of social issues. 
I am currently a third year Photography student at the University of Sunderland. I decided to study part time in order to take on work within the industry at the same time; to help me develop my skills and career development. 
A Levels:  Achieved at Newcastle Sixth Form college, from 2014-2016. 
Art and Design (Photography): A*                Art and Design (Fine Art): C                    English Literature: D 
GCSE’s: Achieved at The Duchess Community High School in Alnwick from 2011- 2014. 
Mathematics AQA: A            Further Mathematics AQA ½ level: C                   English Literature AQA: A 
English Language AQA: B     Biology AQA: B                                                         Chemistry AQA: C 
Physics AQA: C                      Art and Design AQA: A*                                          Religious Studies: A 
Business Studies BTEC: Distinction*    Creative Media Production BTEC: Distinction*      ICT OCR: Merit
Work History: Curator roles: 
Young Curator                                   November 2020- March 2021
The Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, County Durham, DL12 8NP                         
-    Curated exhibition for young people aged 13-25. 
-    Researched 15th century Netherland Art, specifically Dieric Bouts the Elder. 
-    Curated a virtual exhibition.
-    Part of the video ‘Working from Home with Bouts: Young Curators’ 
-    Designed sensory packs for visually impaired young people to learn about the painting, sent out to their homes with an accompanying audio description. 
-    Wrote, recorded, and edited an audio description specifically designed for visually impaired young people. 
-    Presented at the ‘Five Years, Three Partners, One painting: Workshopping with Bouts’. 
-    Collaborated with other young curators working online entirely. 
-    The Bowes Museum have extended my role and we are currently planning new projects.
Curating Internship 
Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art                                                 10th Feb 2020– Currently 
Sunderland Culture Limited C/O, National Glass Centre, Liberty Way, Sunderland, SR6 0GL
Contact information:
-    Collected large amounts of contact information for national and international galleries, publishers, and festivals, using my initiative and research skills I have curated a list confidently using Microsoft Excel.
-    Invigilated exhibitions, interacting with the public in a friendly manor.
-    Attended artist preview and networked.  
-    Proofread two artist books. 
-    Working online. 
-    Constant use of initiative, curating contacts of the most relevance and expressing my opinion within the proofread.
‘Second Bite of the Cherry’ Online exhibition (due to coronavirus) project for Sunderland Creative.
Sunderland                          January – June 2020                            Contact: Kathryn Murphy via Facebook 
-    Working with a local community. 
-    Working with visually impaired people, being aware of the health and safety risks and that some were vulnerable. 
-    Documenting a bowling team.
-    Research skills. 
-    Conceptual and documentary photography and videography creating 4 video pieces.  
-    Interviewing via phone call conversations. Strong communication skills as I needed to gain their trust to work effectively with the team, topics discussed were sensitive and heavy at times, a level of empathy and social understanding was needed to effectively navigate my interviews.
-    Confident video, photo and audio editor using a range of adobe software. 
-    I work well under pressure to solve problems and find creative solutions within my practice, this project was made during the first lockdown, I shifted my approach and made far stronger work. 
To view the work visit: 
What lives on           September – December 2019 
Made at Sunderland University 
-    Designing a pack for school children and community groups. Engaging young people with art and the environment. 
-    Researching skills. 
-    Experimental use of plantable paper. Being conscious to be ethical and sustainable within my practice.  
‘1 in 50’ Site specific installation                          Northumberland Seafood centre and Lobster Hatchery
 September 2018- April 2019                              Contact:
-    Working with a business 
-    Working with animals
-    Research skills 
-    Made my own experimental cyanotype emulsion that held to glass. Made on a large scale this had not been done before. 
-    Strong dark room skills. 
-    Installed the exhibition outside the venue, engaging with the public collecting feedback. 
Somers House Publishing                    October 2020 – present 
Hope Street Xchange, 1-3, Hind St, Sunderland SR1 3QD
-    Started my own business. I am the creative director, working with two other founders. 
-    Part of the Sunderland University Business Enterprise. 
-    Quarterly artist zines. 
-    Strong and fluid editing skills. 
-    Social media skills. 
-    Creative content manager. 
-    Published our first issue in December 2020, with 100 pages and 22 contributing artists. 
Self Employed: 
Portfolio shoots Self Employed                                                                2017 September - 2019 November 
The University of Sunderland, Edinburgh Building, City Campus, Chester Road, Sunderland, SR1 3SD
-    Studio lighting. 
-    One on one working. 
-    Effective word or Mouth marketing, all commissions made through recommendations from past customers.
-    Communication and people skills, ensuring models are comfortable in front of the camera and achieve what they want out of the shoot.  
Other December-January 2021 
Marketing & Advertising London, England
-    Made a project around the theme of ‘Wellness’ whilst keeping within their brand of ‘Other’.
-    My project is due to be published in a book at the end of the year with other artists they have also commissioned.
Karl’s Cuisines:  September 2020 – Ongoing 
-    Collaborative working. 
-    Food photography
Volunteered for NEPN (North East Photography Network) events      October 2018 - November 2018  
Northern Centre of Photography, Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries, University of Sunderland
Chester Road, Sunderland, SR1 3SD
-    Working with the public. 
-    Assisting photographer. 
-    From this I visited the photographers studio and learnt more about her practice and later down the line made my project ‘1 in 50’ in her studio. 
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