In the age of Accordion Families, boomerang children and helicopter parents, children leaving home is a scarce concept of seeming luxury for parents. Although some parents experience ‘The Empty Nest Syndrome’, feelings of depression when their children fly the nest, my parents seem to have taken well to the newfound space. (Empty Nest Syndrome, 2017)
With the rate of young people living at home reaching ‘one in four young adults’ in the UK, according to ONS data from 2016, is the idea of an empty nest now considered a luxury? (Boyce, 2016)
The societal pressure of children furthering their education, globalisation, single parenthood and saving to get onto the property ladder forms the question, will parents ever be free of the boomerang children fear? 
Parents are growing more accepting of becoming ‘Private safety net’s’ taking their children back in when they need financial support, especially ‘baby boomer, caricatured as being unable to say no’ guilty of ‘Helicopter parenting’. (Newman, 2012)
Although the fear of becoming a boomerang child is present, my parents were quick in action at our departmental. Each time I visited home it became less and less recognisable. I became fixated with the dramatic changes they were making around the home, it cut deep, my childhood memorabilia taken and replaced with new. It happened over time, until it was unrecognisable, until it was not my home.  

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