‘The Nest’ is an ongoing autobiographical project that documents my experience of returning home mid-pandemic. I question the meaning of home and its relation to space and family. Exploring my relationship with illness and its manifestation influencing family dynamics. A controlled environment in conflict with the uncontrollable outside world.  
I am a boomerang child returning to the nest. The eye of the storm in this pandemic. As I began to document my home, my father decided to cut back the plants in our garden; an annual ritual to maintain the garden and allow plants to bloom in spring. The only unscathed branches were supporting a bird’s nest. 'Empty', he said to me, ‘but you never know if they will return.’ 
For as long as I can remember, my mother has put bunches of flowers that are starting to wilt on our garden wall. She wants to appreciate their beauty for a little while longer, whilst also offering the flowers a natural ending, as their whole lives have been forced in artificial circumstances quite far removed from nature. 
For years I have been able to downplay the effects of my autoimmune illness, but moving home meant the curtain fell. My performance was lit up in the late morning light. Symptoms manifest in objects around the home, whilst my parents protective natures are encapsulated within symbolic acts and differing forms. 

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